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Texture Processing

Texture processing was the most time-consuming part of the whole process. The problems started already with making pictures. In the center of Tübingen there are many places where the houses are typically 20 meters high while the streets are only 5 meters wide. This causes some problems with shadowing and obstacles, but it also means that even with a wide-angle lens one cannot photograph a house frontally, which causes considerable perspective distortion. Therefore we needed to write a software for perspective correction which uses the output of the geometry process and the photograph of the house.

The major problem that was left after correcting the perspective of the texture was the variability in lighting and contrast that we experienced between pictures of different floors in one house and between different houses. This is due to shadowing and the variability of the outdoor lighting conditions and could only be solved satisfactorily by manual adjustments of the textures to achieve an overall homogeneous look.


Texture with perspective distortion

Corrected texture

Currently a textured house looks like this

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